Monday, October 25, 2010

Food, cont.

Well i stopped blogging about it because the $5 for dinner experiment turned out to be too easy. When we ate mini burgers with avocado, rice, and veggies, i realized that if you keep the portions under control, most meals can be under $5. I didn't feel challenged any more, so I stopped blogging about it. I haven't stopped making the $5 meals - in fact they are usually less than $5 - just stopped writing about it.

a bigger challenge would be to feed a family with kids on $5, or to do what some other woman is doing, eating on $3.33 total per day. wooo! that has to be very difficult.

that said, i still haven't identified why we spend so much at the grocery store if each of our individual meals is so cheap. some reasons i've identified are:
-waste, where we buy things to try them, don't like them and don't finish.
-waste, where things go bad before we eat them
-waste, where we don't eat leftovers
-buying more of something before we run out
- throwing too many parties.

nov 1 is fast approaching so we'll see how the numbers flush out...

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