Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Been a while...

Oops, I got kind of busy with the holidays and winter and training and fell off the writing wagon. I'm back now! yeehaw!

The last time I wrote I was training for a four mile Turkey Trot race. My goal was 45 minutes, and I crushed it! I came in at 43:52 which absolutely thrilled me. I was in great shape physically, but emotionally I was dealing with the ramifications of yet another job loss.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I went to see my doctor about depression. I know depression is a taboo topic to talk about. No one likes to admit that they can't fix their own problems. It was extremely hard for me to ask for help, but I really needed it. My doctor put me on a low dosage of Paxil and told me to give it three months then reevaluate. I went to Cleveland for Thanksgiving and had fun, then I went back to Chicago and pretty much shut down, waiting for the pills to start working. I tried applying for jobs but couldn't muster the strength. Around Dec 15, I started to feel better, and then it was time to go to Cleveland for Christmas. I loved being home, and while I was there I made a really important decision. I decided to earn my personal training certification and start looking for jobs at gyms! I'm very excited.

I'm eager to teach people what I know about exercise and to turn people into athletes. I love helping people, and helping them get healthy is the best way to give back. The studying is tough - it's very dry and between work, planning the wedding, and half-marathon training, I'm finding it hard to sit down and get through the book. I really need to make that happen before tax season is over!

I got my license last week, so I can finally start applying for jobs outside of the city.

Good things are happening!

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  1. yay! Thanks for updating your blog so I can stalk you :) I am glad things are looking up!